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Meet The Maker!

By: :Kayla Foster 0 comments
Meet The Maker!

Hello, my name is Kayla!

I am the owner and lead candle maker at Essentia Candles, and I am so glad to have you here!


Essentia Candles


It's been quite the journey to where we are today with Essentia Candles. Allow me to catch you up a bit:

  • I previously made bath and body products such as body butter and bath bombs as a hobby and eventually began selling them
  • I soon became interested in candles and began candle making as a hobby in 2015 after I gave birth to my firstborn son 
  • Candle making grew to be more than just a hobby, but also a part of my self-care routine. Even till this day, you can find me listening to music and dancing, while making candles - it just offers that "feel good" feeling that I love so much!
  • I started sharing my candles with friends and family members - and to my surprise - they loved it!
  • My lovely mother boasted to me very often about how much she loved the Eucalyptus Lavender scented candles and encouraged me to make more and maybe even sell them.
  • In 2016, I created our Facebook page. I began marketing my candles online and started selling my candles on Etsy.

In 2017, I took a short break from candle-making, a few months after giving birth to my second son, to return to college. 

In my past life, I gained experience in media communications with a specialty in graphic and web design. In 2017, I entered into the Recreation & Leisure Services Industry and then transitioned into the Wellness Industry in 2020 - here I received my Health and Wellness Coaching certification. 


Essentia Candles Owner


Wellness. Here, right amid a very unprecedented time - I grew keenly interested in the wellness practices of Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga. These practices helped me to navigate my overall health and wellbeing during this time, and I intend to further share these practices with individuals like yourself.

One way I have chosen to share these practices is through sharing my light with others through my candles.

My candles are a symbol of how we can each do our part, as a collective, to share our light in the midst of what seems like darkness.


 Essentia Candles Owner


By sharing our light with others, we can further brighten the days of friends, family and loved ones.

I manifested Essentia Candles intending to spread light, one candle at a time!

You are the light of the world! - MATTHEW 5:14

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