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By: :Kayla Foster 0 comments

Our favourite colour is GREEN!

We at Essentia Candles have intentionally aimed to maintain eco-sustainable, vegan-friendly, clean products. This is one of many ways we share our light!

Another way we share our light, is through offering our Jar Recycle Program. We encourage our customers to repurpose their candle jars once they have burned through their candles. We also offer a 15% discount on the purchase of our candles to customers who return their empty jars to us. We'll make sure to clean and repurpose our candle jars for you!

Essentia Candles  

As of January 17, 2022, we have opted to take a portion of the proceeds made on each order placed online with Essentia Candles, and donate it to ECOLOGI to plant a tree.

All it takes is $0.15 USD to plant one tree with ECOLOGI.
A small price, with a HUGE impact!

How does it work? - it's simple!

We have integrated our online shop using ECOLOGI's app.

When an order is placed on our online shop, $0.15 USD is automatically taken from each sale and donated to ECOLOGI to fund a tree. Yes, YOU planted a tree!

This is how we, as a collective, do our part to create a climate positive environment.

Thank you for further joining us in spreading our light! We appreciate you!


With love & light,

Kayla Foster
Owner of Essentia Candles

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